1. nantucket bridal party in navy on water at wauwinet
  2. Rustic bride with flower crown at Sankaty Lighthouse
  3. pink bridesmaids with soiree floral flo
  4. Grooms first dance at Whaling Museum
  5. Nantucket Golf Club Reception fun dancing
  6. Grooms hug in Tom Nevers
  7. Bride and Groom on Main Street Nantucket
  8. Wedding couple walk at Brant Point Lighthouse
  9. Flower girls at Galley beach
  10. Grooms celebrate after church ceremony
  11. First dance in Tom Nevers wedding reception
  12. wedding first kiss galley beach with dog at ceremony
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  18. Nantucket wedding couple at bamboo forest
  19. Newly married couple at First Congregational tower
  20. Nantucket bride with parasol on cobblestones
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  22. White Elephant Wedding Couple Soiree Floral bouquet
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  25. unitarian church wedding ceremony first kiss
  26. Wauwinet Wedding Couple kiss by bouys
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  31. bridesmaids at great harbor yacht club laughing
  32. Handsome Groom with Betsey Brooks Bouquet
  33. happy bride wauwinet nantucket beach ceremony
  34. Bride and Groom have ice cream at Nantucket Juice Bar
  35. Newlyweds kiss in vintage Nantucket car
  36. Wauwinet beach wedding couple
  37. Beach Nantucket Bridesmaids at Tom Nevers
  38. JCrew Flower girls with crown
  39. bride hugs friends at tom nevers wedding reception
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  41. White Elephant Photographer beautiful bride with bouquet
  42. Sankaty Golf Club wedding reception grandma sings
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  49. Summer House Reception crazy dancing
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  95. Happy married couple hold hands after Nantucket ceremony
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  111. White Elephant Ceremony with Flowers on Chestnut arch
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  154. Ceremony Grooms celebrate wedding vows
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  160. Father Daughter Dance under tent beantown band
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  162. Nantucket Bridal Portrait in sunlight teal belt
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  164. handsome White Elephant Wedding Groom with purple socks
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  179. First Congregational Wedding bridesmaids waiting
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  193. Smiling Nantucket Bride in Wedding Dress
  194. Great Harbor Father Daughter Dance
  195. Sconset Casino Reception Dancing Groom Laughing
  196. Emotional mom sees Nantucket bride bridesmaids in black
  197. Nantucket Winter Christmas Wedding First Congregational
  198. White Elephant Sparkers bride in short dress
  199. Bridesmaids see bride for the first time at home
  200. Bride at Oldest House Nantucket with lace veil
  201. Nantucket Golf Club fun dancing reception
  202. Whales Watch Ceremony bride and groom fall arch
  203. Emotional Nantucket Reception hug bride and bridemaids



We are normally hired right after the date is set and the wedding venue is booked. Since we do book as far as 18 months in advance, our calendar fills up quickly for hot dates. Nantucket has a fairly short peak wedding season (May - October) and many wedding dates are high in demand. We encourage inquiring couples to reach out asap in order to secure us for their Nantucket wedding photography. Zofia, Mark, and Brian are all available as lead photographers during weddings.

Nantucket wedding coordinators plan and assist dozens of events each year. Putting the weekend in their hands lets you breathe easy and enjoy your wedding. They will guide you to the most trusted and professional vendors the island has to offer. Our preferred Nantucket wedding vendors are all local, so they won’t risk being stuck off island on your wedding day. They know the ins and outs of our quirky island.

Most Wedding Collections include online ordering, a proof book, digital files, and a wedding album. Nantucket Engagement Sessions are included in all Collections of 8 hours or more. 

Our Wedding Collections start at just an hour for elopements. Eight hours are required to book Zofia or Mark on peak Saturdays. 

Our StudioBooth is now available for any wedding or event!

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Many a la carte products are available through your online gallery. Associate rates may be available for select dates, please inquire. Contact us for our complete Wedding Guide & Rate Sheet.