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Nantucket wedding photography style and approach

Our clients come to us for timeless and classic portrait and wedding photography that is also fun and casual. Anyone can take a photo in front of a lighthouse, but it takes a special connection with your subject to draw out the trust and candidness that we get by using our years of experience and our love for what we do.

Our work thrives on authentic emotions.

It's all about the romance of a wedding day and the joining of two families; the age old traditions and the new ones being made, the gathering of people who haven't seen each other in far too long, the bittersweet moment of a father giving away his daughter, the look in the flower girl's eyes as she admires the bride, the words of wisdom given from a grandmother, the special piece of lace from her wedding veil that is pinned to the bride's gown, the look on the groom when he first sees the woman who minutes later will be his wife, the dynamic love between two souls, and the big party at the end of the night to celebrate it all.

We eat it up.

Nantucket wedding photography style and approach

Open a wedding magazine and what do you see? What the event REALLY was like– but better. We capture the details, the feelings, who was there, and the happy couple at their most beautiful. That is the experience you will have when sharing your wedding album with family and friends. Where are those detail photographs, you might ask? All over our Pinterest page of Nantucket wedding inspirations, and our Nantucket wedding photography blog!

During a wedding, we shoot quickly and allow you to enjoy your day. Our method is unobtrusive, yet helpful. We are quiet when we need to be, but are not too shy to ask you to move into prettier light or a more flattering position.

Nantucket wedding photography style and approach

We love taking our wedding and engagement couples to multiple locations for their portraits. We want you interacting with one another, hugging, kissing, holding hands, laughing. We would rather your photographs say "Look at how in love we are." and not "Hey that's us staring at our photographer again...".

At a Nantucket family portrait session, you can expect some photos of your family sitting near the dunes. After the formal part is over, we encourage you to play with your kids or simply take a walk together. Want something a little more creative? We're always excited to get on a boat with you, go on a bike ride, join you at a clambake, you name it!

Nantucket wedding photography style and approach

You will feel relaxed in front of our cameras.

Read what are clients are raving about us. If you like our style, and trust us to produce creative, modern and fresh photography, then we will be a perfect match!

We are and have always been LGBTQIA+ friendly and inclusive.

Nantucket wedding photography style and approach

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