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Our clients come to us for modern portrait and wedding photography that is fun and casual. Anyone can take a photo in front of a lighthouse, but it takes a special connection with your subject to draw out the trust and candidness that we get by using our years of experience and our love for what we do.

Zofia Photography began in 1996, soon after Zofia left college to start her business. After years and years of the same photography class, she decided to put the practice into her own hands rather than be guided by teachers who had their own visions.

Inspired by master portrait, documentary, sports and landscape photographers, Zofia set off to chronicle everything she could, finally focusing on what scared her the most- photographing people. Her very transient upbringing caused her to be a people watcher from afar, always scanning a scene, seeing things that perhaps those actually engaged in conversations didn't notice.

The Co. in Zofia & Co. formed in 2010 when fellow photographers Mark Crosby and Brian Sager joined Zofia’s company as associate photographers. Wendy Mills and Taylor Murphy soon came on board to round out the most amazing team of wedding and portrait photographers on Nantucket.

Photography is our career and our passion. We enjoy becoming friends with our couples and seeing them come back with their families year after year.

We are LGBTQIA+ friendly and inclusive.

Founder, Co-Owner, Lead Photographer, Mark's Wife

Zofia Crosby Nantucket Wedding Photographer

Zofia has been photographing people as long as she's been snowboarding—over 20 years. She's not as good at snowboarding.

Sure she can race the cool kids down the hill, but she's never even landed a 360. Each time she presents a finished wedding album to one of her couples, she feels like she's won an Olympic gold medal in the half pipe. At every event, she loves having the opportunity to make people happy, to push herself, and to grow.

Zofia was born in Warsaw, and documenting people, places and events is in her blood. Her ancestors' photographs survived both World Wars. Having those amazing and important pieces of history to learn from, admire, and to pass down has been her life's and work's motivation.

Zofia is a member of the Professional Photographers of America, and on the board of the Photographers Alliance of Nantucket.

Though she's been all over the country and Europe, Zofia feels grateful to be able to call Nantucket her forever home. She couldn't ask for anything more than her life here with Mark, their beautiful daughters, and the ocean.

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Zofia Crosby Nantucket Wedding Portrait Photographer

Co-Owner, Lead Photographer, Zofia's Husband

Mark Crosby Nantucket Professional Photographer

Washed ashore on Nantucket over a dozen years ago, Mark fell in love with the island's landscapes as created with his various film and Polaroid cameras, including the original Instagram– Lomo and Holga.

It was at a gallery showing of his work that he met his future wife, Zofia. Once already settled on Nantucket, wedding and portrait photography came as a natural progression from his landscape work and prior enjoyment of photographing his family in England.

Mark is a member of the Photographers Alliance of Nantucket. His work has been displayed at the Nantucket airport, Nantucket Cottage Hospital, and in Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine as well as many wedding magazines.

Being part of the happiness of a wedding and helping to preserve those special memories for you to relive again and again is what makes Mark tick.

Weddings by Mark
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Mark Crosby, Nantucket Wedding Portrait Photographer

Associate Photographer

Wendy decided to take a photo class in high school because it seemed like an easy A. Well, it wasn't easy, the teacher was tough, but an A she got, along with her love for photography.

She landed on Nantucket like many do. Short visits, which turned into summers, which turned into never leaving. She ran The Camera Shop for over 10 years, and then launched her new business, Nantucket Photobooth.

While photography has always been a part of Wendy's life, recently it has taken more of a front seat. She has been busy shooting architecture, food, and portraits. She has been lucky enough to travel to Italy several times, and she noticed the photos without people in them, while gorgeous (it is Italy after all!) lacked a bit of soul, that human element that connects you, and draws you in.

So, it's the people, the portraits… that capture of a mischievous smirk or crooked smile that really feeds her passion. Wendy photographs portraits and second shoots weddings with us. She is a member of the Photographers Alliance of Nantucket. Visit Wendy's personal website for more work.

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Office Manager & Photography Assistant

We're lucky to have Taylor on board starting 2015 as our studio manager. She's fielding phone calls and email inquiries, editing photos, designing albums, and perking up little kids at portrait sessions. When not working as the backbone for the Co. she teaches kindergarten at the Nantucket Elementary School.

Taylor at Zofia & Co. Photography
Zofia and Co. photographers StudioBooth

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