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With over a dozen years of photographing Nantucket weddings, Nantucket family portraits, Nantucket engagement sessions, and Nantucket elopements in our pocket, we have worked with every major vendor, in every Nantucket venue and beach on the island, as well as many backyards.

Our wedding couples enjoy working with us and have been coming back year after year with their little ones for family portraits. Our Nantucket family portraits are casual lifestyle sessions at any beach from Madaket to Sconset, from Dionis to Fishermans, from Cisco to Monomoy, and everywhere in between. We love photographing the big events and milestones in your lives!

Zofia & Co. photographers are members of professional organizations including the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce, Photographers Alliance of Nantucket, Artist Association of Nantucket, ShootStyle, Professional Photographers of America, and Petticoat Row, Nantucket Women in Business.

We are located year round at 28 Centre St, Nantucket MA 02554.